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Behavioral Health Services:

  • Intensive Family Support Program (IFSP)

    • Intensive Family Support Services (IFSP) are provided to young people and families for whom more intensive interventions are indicated. Meetings typically occur 1-3 times per week in the family’s home to aid in keeping youth and families safely together. Our staff is trained to provide 24-hour crisis intervention and targeted interventions to assist with self-harmful behaviors, severe depression, aggression, substance abuse, trauma, and defiant behaviors.

  • Intensive Home - Based Treatment (IHBT)

    • The goal of IHBT is to provide the necessary mental health services and supports to enable youth to live in their homes in the least restrictive, most normative setting possible. IHBT services are provided in the home, school, and community where youth live and function. These services focus on the mental health issues that put the  youth at risk while promoting positive development and healthy family functioning.

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